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Jehsel Lau is a Mexican fashion designer and artist specialized in costume design, with a degree in International Business. After a collaboration as costume designer for the Amazonas Opera Festival in Manaus, Brazil, in 2010 she creates a brand specialized in clothes for dancers and performing artists, collaborating with prestigious dance companies in Rome, Italy. The end of 2013 is a turning point in her career, as she reaches the finals in the competition ELLE México Diseña, organized by the Fashion Magazine ELLE. Few months later she wins the Downy Fashion Award, which launches her as a promise of the High Fashion world in Mexico. In 2014 launches Jehsel Lau ® Outlier Fashion, a line of eco-luxury that merges High Fashion with High-Tech materials, adopting a sustainable and environmentally friendly method of production. In December 2014 she is awarded the prize "Sinaloense ejemplar en el mundo" by the Government of Sinaloa, Mexico.

She currently lives in France where she continues to make her creations always linked to art, theater, Slow Fashion and the philosophy of zero waste.

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 Slow Fashion Projects

Zero Waste



Ready-to-wear haute couture pieces

Haute à Porter  is based on the idea of creating just what its going to be sale!. This slow  fashion initiative is support by a group of costumers, that every month buy unique pieces for their Wardrobe. They know that every garment is exclusive for them. Because the proposals that their recibe are always garments that can be combine with others that they already have. Every montly collection are pieces  inspired in the agenda of the clients and there life style. 

The workshop is also a  combination of Haute couture clothes made with high performance materials with some technology apply on it.

 As a designer I beleve it is possible to design and create respecting the enviroment and the costumers. I like the idea of putting real value to each garment and ofering a style, comfort and durability to the clothes and not just fashion. 

As a Art Director I always push to create with the filosophy of zero waste and holding to bring costumers to the slow fashion concept. 



Dressing the brand 


Homogeneo is a sustainable project that began the 2015 with my experience in the Downy Fashion Award and designing a new uniform concept for P&G.

Homogeneous create and design uniforms for the different profession and brands, giving a new and unique image that macht with their identity and filosophy.

The design of uniforms or garments are made with high technology materials that helps the professional performe in the best way their every day like duties.



The moment has come 

Miss Xv is a proyect that I started at 2018 when my son Elia bourn. I started making exclusive design collection for quinceañeras of Messico.  Today the studio offers plans and packets of design concept making and styling photos for the fitting big party.

The concept follow the philosophy of zero wast and slow fashion. All the concept are made in scale in order to help the costumer choose the right design before it is done in big scale with special haute couture fabrics. 

What I really like of this fashion proyect is the idea of helping teenegers discovery their on personality throug cloths and images that will reflec the beuty of their life at that time. 






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